Digital technology to support Person Centered Care for Dementia

Aikomi is start-up company spun-out from Japanese Pharma Takeda to develop digital therapy for dementia. Because of the lack of effective drugs to treat dementia, we have created an AI-enabled technology platform to provide personalized non-drug interventions based on person centred care. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in the dementia care triad: the person with dementia, their family members and their care givers.

Improving the dementia care relationship

As dementia progresses, it can often disrupt the relationships in the dementia care triad, leading to increased physical and psychological distress for both receiving and giving care. Our technology provides tools to support communication and meaningful engagement which can help strengthen relationships and improve the quality of life and sense of mutuality between people with dementia and their families and care givers.

The Aikomi platform

The Aikomi platform is a web application that provides personalized cognitive stimulation programs created from contents that are relevant to the individual life story, interests, hobbies and preferences of the person with dementia. The types of content used include the person`s own content, such as photos and home movies, as well as images, videos and audio content from the Aikomi library. The stimulation programs typically last 20-30 minutes and are viewed together by the person with dementia and their family member or carer using a tablet either in person or remotely via an embedded web meeting application. Our AI models generate a new program for each session by continuously learning and adapting the program contents to the responses shown by the person with dementia while viewing the programs.